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I am nobody. Worse still, I am a Canadian nobody, meaning I am considered even less exciting than most nobodies. On the upside, nobodies are seldom asked to take positions on controversial issues. Who cares what we think? As a result, we can explore important topics and follow concepts wherever they lead us. We have nothing to defend.

Returning to university in my forties, after working twenty years, I completed graduate studies in political science and environmental policy.

Afterward, I went back to work for another twenty years, but by now I was addicted to writing serious commentary. Tragically, I was to discover few people read such things. At times, even those publishing it didn’t appear to read it.

Opioids might have been a kinder, gentler passion.

To escape the accompanying frustration, I occasionally allow my whimsical nature free rein and write totally goofy pieces as therapy – except, few people seem able to tell the difference.

It turns out, by the way, that being nobody is a rather pleasant way to spend your life.

More to the point:

Mr. Urquhart’s academic education includes an undergrad degree in business administration as well as graduate work in political science and environmental studies, with a smattering of literature thrown in. He has been a soldier, laborer, childcare worker, heavy equipment operator, municipal politician, chair of a business development center, and chair of a successful environmental coalition. He is presently too old and beat up to do any of those things, so he sits in front of a computer and tells others how to live their lives – few listen. He is not deterred. His wife fears it might be a sign of dementia.